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UV 1500 S1

The best in class flat binding.

IntroducingUV 1500 S1

*Best for high definition catalogues


Coating & Curing machine

The UV 1500 S1 offers coating & curing with utmost precision, accuracy and consistency. This machine features separate coating and curing units for coating prints with different chemicals and a UV & IR chamber for thorough curing. This machine is specially designed to meet the specific market needs and does its job efficiently, yielding uniform coating. UV 1500 S1 is suitable for all sorts of Offset and Digital prints like HP Indigo, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Canon, Xerox, Kodak, Photo papers and more.



machine image

UV 1500 S1

Coating & Curing machineSpeed: 2000 sheets per hour

  • 510 mm
  • 150 GSM - 400 GSM
  • 0.125mm - 0.2mm
  • 2000Sheets/hour (A3)
  • Air connection in required (to run the thin paper)
  • 3PH+N
  • 6000W
  • 3708 mm(L) x 698 mm(W) x 1181 mm(H)
  • 345 Kg


Output Variation Output Variation

Key Features

  • Easy to switch over the chemical connection lines;

  • Two separate tanks and channels for two different types of chemical;

  • Easy roller changing mechanism for obtaining varied creative texture;

  • Thickness control mechanism;

  • Air knife to run thin paper;

UV 1500 S1 is a Coating and Curing machine. It comes with two different tanks and channels for different chemicals. Users can change the rollers easily in order to get various creative textures, making the machine easy to operate. UV 1500 S1 also comes with a thickness control mechanism and an air knife for running thin paper.

Machine Details