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LF 1000 CF

Fully automatic and user-friendly

IntroducingLF 1000 CF

*All-in-one integrated fully automatic system


Folding & Creasing machine

A fully automatic and user-friendly powerhouse

LF 1000 CF is a user-friendly solution that solves the problem of cracking which is common to toner-based digital printers. It utilizes a unique creasing matrix which compresses paper fibres instead of cutting them, virtually eliminating cracks on a creased or folded edge. Operators can easily set it up and quickly save jobs as it is a fully automatic machine with a touchscreen control panel. The LF 1000 CF is able to automatically calculate crease positions based on the paper size, and sets them accordingly.



machine image

LF 1000 CF

All-in-one machine for Folding & CreasingSpeed: 1500 sheets per hour

  • 460 mm x 920 mm (18 inches x 36 inches)
  • 152 mm x 305 mm (6 inches x 12 inches)
  • 0.15 mm – 0.30 mm
  • Included
  • 1000 sheets/hour
  • >0.6mpa
  • 220V 50 Hz
  • 500W
  • 3100 mm(L) x 2400 mm(W) x 2500 mm(H)
  • 200 kg


Output Variation Output Variation

Key Features

  • All in one system: Integrated auto feeding, creasing, folding and spine pressing;

  • Automatic change the width;

  • Automatic paper alignment system;

  • Easy to operate via touch screen;

  • Fully automatic setup;

  • Double sheets detecting;

The LF 1000 CF is an all-in-one system with integrated auto-feeding, creasing, folding, and spine-pressing. It can automatically change the width and can calculate the crease positions based on the size of the paper. Its automatic paper alignment system along with its overall fully automatic setup, make it very easy for operators to use. The LF 1000 CF also has an in-built mechanism for detecting double sheets as well as a user-friendly touchscreen control panel.

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